Lungpas - ChestPal Pro


Smart stethoscope

for lungs

ChestPal Pro helps frontline healthcare providers to reliably detect crackles and wheezes - aiding diagnosis and patient management.

  • Automated crackles and wheeze detection backed by clinical evidence
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  • Designed to track and share patient recordings
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  • HIPAA compliant

Making it easier

to detect acute respiratory events early at point-of-care through instant automatic detection of crackles and wheeze

  1. 1.  Engineering verification by ChestPal Ltd.
  2. 2.  ChestPal Pro is intended to detect crackles and wheezes. It does not provide a diagnosis.
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With ChestPal Pro, it is easier for me to pinpoint abnormal lung sounds, especially crackles.

It helps me to better triage patients with lung changes and support my decision to escalate their care to the doctor promptly to avoid deterioration.

At the same time it allows me to confidently reassure patients who have clear lung fields.

Nurse Practitioner

For the frontlines of care

Tap once
choose exam type right for you
Press once
make a recording
Give it a second
receive sound analysis