ChestPal™ Pro, a Bluetooth-Connected, Portable, Crackle and Wheeze Detection Innovation, Launches in the U.S. as Early Asthma and Allergy Season Looms

New Digital Stethoscope Detects and Classifies Subtle Lung Sounds, Aiding Healthcare Pros in Diagnosis and Patient Management

(March 12, 2024, Atlanta) – ChestPal™ Pro, the only commercially available digital stethoscope in the U.S. that’s clinically backed to detect, classify, record, and share crackles and wheezes, launches to healthcare practitioners today. No other smart stethoscope has the clinical utility of ChestPal™ Pro, with its automatic detection and classification of crackles and wheezes, including the conversion of lung sounds to visual spectrograms; accuracy and reliability across lung sound types; and easy lung sound recording, monitoring, and transmission capabilities. 

The advanced generation device is designed to help clinicians arrive at a diagnosis accurately, quickly, and confidently, aiding in the timely treatment of life-threatening respiratory conditions, including pneumonia, asthma, and COPD. The tool enables lung exam sharing, making case escalation and referrals easy and convenient, especially in situations when a pulmonologist or other specialist is necessary and not located close to the patient. 

“ChestPal™ Pro helps pick up lung sounds that are too subtle to hear when using a stethoscope alone,” said Dr. Emily Tuchman, MD, General Internal Medicine. “I listened to a patient’s lungs with my stethoscope and didn’t auscultate wheezing, but with ChestPalTM Pro, I picked up wheezing and could prescribe the steroids and inhaler my patient needed to improve.” 

ChestPal™ Pro Aims to Help Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations and ER Visits 

“We created ChestPal™ Pro to make lung sound classification more objective and reliable for frontline healthcare professionals as part of their clinical decision-making process.” said Helena Binetskaya, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, ChestPal Ltd.   

In fact, according to a recent Glimpse survey, a majority (60%) of healthcare practitioners say they send respiratory patients to the ER when they can’t accurately detect lung sounds, and 85% say they think a smart stethoscope that detects subtle lung sounds can play a role in reducing ER visits. 

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About ChestPal Ltd. 

ChestPal Ltd is a MedTech company that creates medical devices and software for respiratory monitoring, classification, recording, and automatic computer analysis of lung sound recordings and spectrograms, powered by its proprietary algorithm. Headquartered in the U.K., with an office in Atlanta, Georgia, distributing its products to healthcare professionals through multiple partners including Henry Schein Inc. For more information, refer to